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Beauty and Holistic Therapy

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Sothys (Paris) is a pioneering brand used in 110 countries and 15,000 beauty centres. Its state of the art research and development is the guarantee of quality products

Sothys Prescription Facial*

A tailor made treatment available to suit your skin type.

1 hour

£  34.00

Sothys Seasonal Facial*

Offering a facial to target your specific needs as the seasons change.

1 hour

£  34.00

Sothys Eye Treatment*

To smooth the eye contour area & soothe congested eyelids, ideal for reducing bags and dark circles.

½ hour

£  21.00

Combine the Sothys Eye Treatment with any one of the above facials.

1 hour 20 mins

£  49.00

Sothys Glysalac Peel Treatment

To refine the texture of the skin, bring instant radiance, smooth and reveal a brighter and more even complexion.

¾ hour

£  40.00

Sothys Radiance Facial

A vitamin C treatment for all skin types with orange and lemon oil giving express radiance for complete relaxation with massage.

¾ hour

£  25.00

*These treatments are offered with an optional free hand massage and heated mittens

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